Rouge passion

No wonder the color of passion excites at home! It is the most intense of colors! Wagner only composed his symphonies in red pieces! Red and Beautiful are synonyms in Russian. The Red Square in Moscow is a bad translation of the Beautiful Place. In Latin, coloratus means colored, but also red. The red is sublime but you have to know how to dose it in decoration.

Red is warm and energizing. This is why it is generally not recommended to use red in a bedroom for fear of not being able to sleep. On the contrary, we recommend red in a bedroom. Indeed red is an aphrodisiac color so what better than to use it in the parental room.

Everything is to be measured, think twice if you decide to use red on your walls. If, after a few days, you wonder if there is too much red, there is too much. The easiest way to avoid making mistakes and regretting your choice is to use red as an accessory and not on the walls. So if you change your mind, it's easier to change the place of a sofa or a rug than to completely repaint a room.