L’ostentatoire ne se cache plus …

Fashions in interior decoration follow each other and are not alike. Indeed, the time of the pure and light Scandinavian style is over (Phew exclaims certain in view of these lines). 360 turn in the world of design. We change everything, we opt for color, gold, shine, tinsel, everything we have avoided before. Having good taste now (in terms of decoration) means asserting one's desires and one's choices. A red carpet associated with a blue sofa and a yellow wall? Why not if this is assumed.

No more boring interiors mixing minimalist style, neutral tones and “zen attitude”. Be bold, dear readers. The ostentatious is no longer hidden... The print wants to be bigger and bigger, more colorful and intrusive. Each element tells a story, a desire, a way of life and of course a personality.

A movement has recently emerged and will be very present in 2019: the quest for the exception, the desire to stand out, the search for beauty and luxury.

A "melting-pot" fashion that dares to mix things up. The colors are contrasted. Blue and green are de rigueur to be in tune with the times. Obviously the powder pink and the mustard have not said their last word and count on benefiting from their share of the cake. In terms of materials, don't limit yourself to anything: copper, rattan, leather, marble, linen, velvet for all seasons. There is a certain impertinence, an irreverence, a real talent. The superficial gives way to a certain maturity.