L'art de vivre à la Parisienne
MeubleLuxe highlights the French style whose key adjectives are “chic, elegant, sophisticated” according to the Parisians themselves. Moldings and parquet will rub shoulders with linen and nickel for an astonishing approach to the French touch. The Parisian style is said to be conservative but also imperfect, which provides a warm and family atmosphere.

Haussmannian architecture as a guideline of the Parisian style. High ceilings and woodwork confront each other, add to that an interior decoration linking winks to the Enlightenment with a touch of modernity in order to keep its status as the capital of art, design and fashion. Yes the Parisian is chauvinistic but who would blame him Paris is so beautiful.

The Parisian interior often features crystal structures as well as floral arrangements. A precious final touch that adds softness and serenity to your interior.

Merge old and new, period style furniture and modern. It is important to follow your own style and not seek perfection. Be bold with MeubleLuxe.