Tendances : Extérieur haut de gamme '23
Outdoor life is no longer limited to rare social gatherings. It is interfering in our daily life. The latest outdoor trends allow homeowners and families to enjoy luxurious time outdoors more often throughout the year with high-end European furniture that is built for unpredictable weather.

Meuble Luxe features leading European brands such as Eichholtz and Andrew Martin to provide stylish outdoor furniture that is worth every penny, not only for its great style but also for its durability.

Here are the top 3 luxury trends for the outdoors in 2023

Use environmentally friendly furniture. Choose natural materials that are also known for their longevity. This hand-carved wooden stool and teak outdoor coffee table are elegant and durable pieces. Incorporating sustainability into your home by using wooden furniture allows you to truly feel in touch with nature, building your outdoor fortress while participating in the save the planet movement.

Neutral colors. This color palette evokes luxurious and timeless trends for the outdoors, which go well with a variety of designs like modern and minimalist. Simple, soothing hues allow the landscape and surroundings to take center stage. Incorporate this beige outdoor Sunbrella sofa or round white dining table into your outdoor space for a sleek and stylish outdoor design.

Add accent pieces. Incorporating original elements into your outdoor living space will impress you and your guests! This aluminum frame modular sofa from Eichholtz looks grand and makes you feel like you are on vacation on a Greek island. Add some hand-painted outdoor cushions for a splash of color!

Take a look at Meuble Luxe's ​​high-end furniture to inspire your creativity and start renovating your outdoor living space.