Lumière sur le blanc

Symbol of purity, white is the most popular color in decoration. The use of white is guaranteed faultless. Bright and easy to match, white brings light and enlarges your rooms. It is easy to create a soothing atmosphere while highlighting the materials and colors associated with it. White is a safe bet by which it is easy to build a whole style and personal decoration.

Always trendy and refined, white adapts to all styles of decoration. whether it's minimalism, classic, zen, romantic or ultra-modern, white is THE color to adopt. For example, for a minimalist style decoration, opt for shades of white with an emphasis on finishes in different shades for a magnificent result. Play on the furniture and the texture of the fabrics that make up your room to highlight the white color. For a refined side, opt for gray, black or cream.

Lovers of the "zen attitude" will opt for a combination of white with a brighter color. The style of furniture will change from the classic style. the design aspect will be provided by a contrast between white walls and furniture in bright colors and simple cuts. The Scandinavian style meanwhile will be brought for a wedding with neutral colors such as light gray and taupe for example. For a romantic effect, combine everything with pastel tones. On the material side, white is sublime associated with wood, concrete and all other natural materials. Bring a breath of fresh air into your home. use white without restraint for any style of interior.