Please, take a seat ...

Armchairs and lounge chairs are an element that is too often overlooked. Generally we choose our sofa conscientiously without thinking of additional seating for your living room. It is often a space saver and it adds a design side to your room. Enhance the look of your room with a statement armchair or lounge chair, choose something eye-catching and stand out with style and comfort.

If you have chosen an atmosphere in neutral tones for your room, emphasize an armchair with character through its pattern, color or style. Be careful, however, to stay in the same color palette to avoid missteps. If you have a large light source in your room, take advantage of it by placing an armchair in front of it to create a great reading nook. The advantage of accent chairs is that you can use them as extra seating and to fill a corner or gap in a room. Bet everything on the look of this armchair and it will reflect your personality and your style. Bring some attention to a more boring corner with a chair of a larger size.

You can also place armchairs at each end of the table in your dining room. This will create a cozy atmosphere in your room and you will stand out with this unusual use. Another style, another atmosphere, swivel armchairs are very trendy this season. Once reserved for the home office, it is now in good taste to place them in the living room or even in the bedroom. Swivel chairs are a big plus for small spaces like studios. Choose a versatile color that will blend easily and you're done.