Luxe Industriel

Brick walls, exposed pipes and the use of metal or concrete are typical elements of the industrial decorating style. A true reminder of the era of the development of manufactures in the early 18th century, the industrial style is defined by robust furniture with clean lines, without unnecessary frills or ornaments. The functionality and durability of the furniture is in the foreground.

The industrial style is inspired by New York lofts installed in the old factories of Brooklyn, the large volumes without doors or partitions are law there. It is sometimes enough to open the kitchen to the living room to obtain this impression of space. This decompartmentalization will also promote the circulation of light. If you still want to create some separations, opt for the essential canopy, the very symbol of industrial style.

It cannot be said that the industrial style is a very big lover of colors. We generally find black, brown, metallic gray and a few touches of red (on the bricks) or copper (on the pipes). But we see more and more appearing some colorful accessories to brighten up the whole

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