Blanc pur et noir profond

Black and white have always complemented each other. Remember the ermine furs of the monarchs, the beetlejuice costume, the Ying and the Yang, the checkerboard and so on……Whether on the floor or on the walls, the use of black and white has always sparked a great interest from lovers of well-thought-out interior design. Indeed, as everyone knows, black and white evoke elegance and refinement. It is never in bad taste to use and abuse it.

Also remember to vary the materials used in your interior. There is no material to favor to make a pretty decoration in black and white. You just have to play with different materials.

The combination between black and white is an eternal combination that can be adapted to every type of interior. And while other color pairings change with the seasons, trends, or tastes, black and white represent the pair that will remain in vogue even for centuries to come. If you are afraid to commit to color, it is a timeless choice and will allow you to change a few simple elements, such as the cushions of a sofa or the frames on the wall, to change your interior in a few moments.