Le beige est le nouveau noir

Beige is making a comeback in the world of decoration. Often considered too soft, it is now appreciated and widely used instead of white too often associated with bland hospital rooms. Beige brings a feeling of softness and serenity that you will undoubtedly appreciate. It is also very easy to pair with a huge color palette. Faced with the profusion of bright colors, it is the symbol of simplicity and elegance. It's the perfect alternative to white if you don't want to venture into using more garish colors.

The other advantage of the beige color is to bring a feeling of brightness and space. Easy to live with and promoting relaxation, you will never make a decorative faux pas by choosing beige. This natural color, coming from the color of wool, will always correspond to the trends of the moment.

Attenuating the most imposing colors, beige will allow you to express yourself in decoration in a multitude of different styles. Indeed the beige is found in the classic style as contemporary or even rustic or Scandinavian. Beige will be sublime when combined with blue, magenta or green... Play with the nuances. Obviously, the most used color with beige in interior decoration and brown, which is like its alter-ego in a dark version. A chocolate and beige interior invites you to relax and is perfect when additionally combined with blue. Our favorite shade of the moment is also perfect with red, terracotta or powder pink.