Bleu des cyclades

You guessed it, the Greek style in interior decoration advocates the use of blue and white. Not only does its flag sport these colors, but most of Greece's waterfront towns are predominantly tinted with them. Greece is well known for its white architecture accented with touches of blue reminiscent of the sea. For centuries white has been the law in Greece, a bright idea that brings sparkle to any interior. But the Greek style is also rustic with heavy Byzantine stone floors, economy of colors with a palette of neutral tones enhanced with a few touches of blue.

On the decorative object side, we find current codes with “ethnic” touches: traditional textiles and monochrome killim mixed with raw materials such as wood, rope, straw, plaster or marble. Not only a source of light, white keeps your interior cool. this is also the reason why this color is omnipresent in Greece. In the land of Hercules and Ulysses, roofs, doors and shutters are often painted blue. To carry this style into your interior. All you have to do is recommend the use of these colors, mixed with a Mediterranean style, a seaside style.