Le bienfait des couleurs

Colors have the advantage of changing the perception and atmosphere of an interior decoration and can also have an impact on our mood. Whether neutral, cold or warm colors, there are many ways to decorate your interior in color. Solar colors will bring warmth and give an invigorating effect. Cold colors, on the other hand, will bring refinement and provide relaxing and reassuring virtues. Finally, light or neutral colors will add luminosity and harmony.

When we take into account all these parameters and the multitude of possible nuances, the choice of colors in adequacy with the style of decoration which corresponds to us, can prove to be difficult. We therefore recommend that you choose a dominant color with neutral tones such as white, beige, gray or black, and set the tone with small colored touches by limiting yourself to 3 different colors. You will be able to change decorations more easily and everything will go together in harmony!

Blue and its shades

Blue and its shades

Commonly used in decoration, for its chic and timelessness, the bluish shades are the most appreciated. They are so numerous that they can adapt to all tastes and styles of decoration. In addition to visually enlarging your space, the different shades of blue have an easier time blending with other colors and are recognized for their many virtues. This cold and intense color will bring freshness, serenity and refinement to your interior.

solar colors

Solar colors like yellow or orange can seem quite flashy, yet they will give dynamism and vitality. They are also synonymous with harmony and design. These solar shades will bring colorful touches, while brightening and illuminating your interior with joy. Thanks to their virtues in communication and creativity, they will make your interior welcoming. These colors will also be ideal and harmonious with a dominant gray, black or navy blue.

The green stimulus

The green stimulant

Belonging to cold colors, green stimulates creativity and will bring nature, travel and exoticism while creating a reassuring atmosphere, relaxation and comfort in your home. Also defined as the color of luck with a positive connotation, the different shades of green are known for their refreshing and relaxing virtues.

Passion Red

A warm color par excellence that symbolizes passion, red will bring vitality, intensity and character to your interior. Red also has many variations such as burgundy, poppy, vermilion, garnet... Comforting, bold and warm colors, these shades are less easy to integrate than other colors, but you can include them with a centerpiece or in accessorizing with shades of red.

Rose and sensuality

Why not see life in pink? Pink, the color of innocence, purity and sensuality will give a chic, soft and romantic atmosphere to your interior. A color that is both energetic and relaxing, its shades offer a wide range of shades: pale pink, candy pink, powder pink, old pink... These different shades have the advantage of blending easily with other strong colors such as blue, green , purple or red. In addition, pink can be complemented with white as well as with dark colors such as gray. Charming and contrasting atmosphere guaranteed!