L'oasis Palm Springs | Inspiration décoration | Meuble Luxe design

Located in Southern California, this oasis of modern architecture, emblematic of the 1950s and a destination known for its pronounced taste for design, has a totally unique style of decoration.

Indeed, with a revolutionary vision that reinvents decoration, and with a multitude of events to its credit to celebrate design, art and architecture, Palm Springs is thus asserting itself as a design icon.

This extravagant style of decoration and far from any rigor, is quite complex to describe so much it abounds in art, styles and colors and so much the contrast of modern and vintage is striking.

The Palm Springs Oasis | Decoration inspiration | Luxury designer furniture

The Palm Springs style or its second name "Desert Modern", is a mixture of vintage and the famous Art Deco movement. It is also additional with touches of Hollywood glamor and a bohemian spirit.

The modern is brought mainly by a white architecture which will bring the refined atmosphere and the contrast with the color tones. All shades and colors are welcome in this style: yellow, blue, orange, green and pink. But the color that will dominate your style should be bright and flashy.

The extravagance and captivating charm of this style are given by certain pieces of furniture and works of art with unique, innovative designs and atypical and futuristic shapes.

Finally, it is important to have a decoration suitably provided by accessories. Don't forget the succulents and the famous cacti that characterize the Californian desert and sun.

The Palm Springs Oasis | Decoration inspiration | Luxury designer furniture

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