Les tendances de cet hiver 2021

For this new year, discover in this article the main trends of this winter. Like the soft and comfortable curly wool effect upholstery, already present in 2020, the desire to turn to natural materials and authentic designs will still be present in 2021.

A certain minimalism is reinforced this year with designs with rounded and refined curves, also with new colors that surface in warmer, pastel and earthy tones. In circumstances, the office space has taken a primordial place in all interiors.

The main guidelines have therefore been drawn up for this year, with personalization as the sole watchword. As you will have understood, the new trends favor a mixture of these colors, these natural materials, these contemporary and authentic designs without really well-defined rules.

Therefore, this year you will be able to follow these trends while listening more to your needs, your own tastes and creating an interior that suits you. The important thing is to form a certain harmony in these contemporary trends by feeling at home.

Decoration trends winter 2021 | Eichholtz design | Luxury Furniture

The office that fits into the decor

Office trends winter 2021 | Eichholtz design | Luxury Furniture

It has become more and more essential to have an office corner at home. If you don't have a dedicated room, desks that blend in with the decor are more and more trendy. Whether in your bedroom, your mezzanine, your hallway or even your living room, your office can become a workspace in its own right. It will thus be your best ally to provide you with an optimal workspace, allowing you to be productive while having a trendy interior.

Office Collection

Comfort and warm tones

What could be better than snuggling up in soft, warm materials and enjoying extremely comfortable seats? for our greatest happiness, materials such as velvet or curly wool are in the spotlight. You can view the latest collection made up exclusively of furniture in cream bouclé upholstery. Warmer earthy tones, such as beige, off-white are also favored for a more natural and authentic touch. These materials and colors will create a warm, soothing and relaxing interior.

Cream Bouclé Collection

Trendy color shades

As far as the colors are concerned, the contrast is in the spotlight: black, dark gray walls or floor, combined with mainly light furniture and small additions of shades of pastel colors. If you are afraid of getting tired of a dark color and you still prefer to favor a certain brightness, you can add this contrast with bookcases covering the walls, a black or dark gray paneling only on the bottom of your walls or with bronze-coloured windows and canopies.

To bring colorful touches to your interior, you can count on these trendy shades this year: a more khaki green, an aged powder pink, a parme blue and an earthy beige. Whether you have opted for a dark decor or a bright ensemble, these tones will bring life to any decoration and combine easily and harmoniously with other tones.

Shapes with rounded curves

Already well established in decorative matters in 2020, the trend of rounded shapes is further strengthened for the year 2021 with a curvaceous style, mainly inspired by the Art Deco universe. The rounded curves round off the angles and bring a certain softness to your interior. The designs are meant to be creative, sophisticated or refined but completely unique and which will impress your guests.

Decoration trends winter 2021 | Eichholtz design | Luxury Furniture

Natural materials

Natural materials are still part of the trends of this new year and are not ready to stop. Indeed, these materials provide warmth, comfort and a return to nature that we all need. The collection inspired by the famous designer Pierre Jeanneret offers a complete range of furniture and accessories in solid wood and rattan cane to provide an authentic style of decoration.

With sometimes vintage connotations, this furniture blends very well with more modern designs to offer a contemporary whole and give texture and contrast.

Collection Pierre Jeanneret

A touch of craftsmanship

Essential this year, the touch of craftsmanship is essential and will perfect a contemporary decoration. To bring this touch you can count on decorative accessories such as vases or any other attractive decorative objects whether they are colored or not. The importance is the uniqueness and authenticity provided by the object.

Vase collection

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