L'indémodable Art Déco

The Art Deco decorating style began in the early 1900s. It had its flowering and even its peak during the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in 1925, which aimed to develop this movement to the media and the general public. Art Deco, an emblematic French style, was thus very influential throughout the world, to end up being one of the most persistent decorative styles in history.

In interior decoration, this style is characterized by ubiquitous geometric shapes, noble materials such as velvet, bronze or marble, rich colors embellished with gilding, sophisticated patterns and the most artistic shapes. Artists, designers and creators can thus juggle and have fun mixing its specificities to create the most elegant, futuristic and luxurious pieces.

Trends Inspired by Art Deco style | High-end luxury furniture

We have grouped in this article the Art Deco products of the Eichholtz brand. You will be able to image the different faces of this style, and draw inspiration from the most original pieces, which will bring elegance and uniqueness to your home.

This artistic current, which has in a way revolutionized many aspects of interior decoration, has in parallel favored the rise of furniture with curved, rounded and refined lines which bring more softness, and contrast with the sometimes exacerbated geometric lines. . The combination of these different forms and architectures creates a sumptuous harmony.

Being able to be real works of art and unique, geometric and colorful ornaments, the Art Deco movement gave a lot of importance to mirrors. The imagination has no limits: Triangles, circles, lines and squares will thus form a complex geometric whole, to bring the touch of originality and modernity. The mirror, an essential decorative accessory, can also blur the sometimes very curved style of certain pieces of furniture.

Glass also plays a prominent role in the Art Deco style. Indeed, vases, candlesticks or any other decorative objects can be shaped by hand to form the most daring creations. These glass objects will give a distinctive character and bring contrast to your decoration.

Always in the spirit of original and geometric patterns, chandeliers and other types of lamps can play a fundamental role in your Art Deco interior. Rectilinear, cubic, polygonal shapes with an unstructured or beveled appearance create sumptuous lighting to dress your interior in a unique and sophisticated way.

As you will have understood, the Art Deco style and its predominant taste for artistic works is nothing without its accessories, sculptures or paintings which promote and finalize the magnificent Art Deco style of decoration.