Forgé par le désert. Incendié par le soleil

The Mexican style in interior decoration speaks for itself, warm colors, prints, a wealth of materials and of course a constant interpretation of the blazing sun of Mexico City.

Under this sun, we like the excessive use of summer colors. Terracotta, fuchsia, ocher, yellow, green. The range of colors is intended to be colorful for an interior reflecting the good mood of this sunny country. No more beige tones, tones on tones, hushed atmospheres, Latin America gives a kick to our interior decoration. A "hacienda" spirit that never ceases to charm us as the idea of ​​seizing it runs through our heads.

As you will have understood, the Mexican aesthetic is colorful. Warm and lively nuances, saffron, rust, brown which evoke the high temperatures of the country, which can also be associated with an immaculate white. But the fundamental point of this Latin style is in the associations of colors and materials. Don't try to combine colors and materials, don't look for tones on tones and "political correctness". Mix colors, materials, prints. An overload of information will make your interior even more compelling. Because don't forget, the most important thing is not to do things by halves