À pas de velours

Next winter's trend is velvet. As a tapestry, on your rug or as furniture for this noble and textured material that will please you for your long winter evenings. Indeed the heat that emanates from it will please more than one even if it means making you hibernate all winter. Thick, beautiful, warm and comfortable, it warms the atmosphere.

Be careful all the same to take care of it, velvet is like a woman, it requires attention, it must be pampered. Warm material par excellence, lovers of cocooning decoration will not be able to deny it is THE material to adopt for lovers of "Netflix & Chill".

Usable on a multitude of surfaces, velvet is regaining its former glory this winter. Changing according to the light, it can be mystical or sexy if it is red evoking the boudoirs of yesteryear. This fabric has been enhancing the atmosphere of interiors for a long time. From the court of the Sun King to the salons of the Costes hotels. For a timeless or cocooning hushed atmosphere, opt for velvets that will distinguish your interior from the others.