Perle, anthracite et souris

In interior decoration, white is a safe bet, it is the color we adopt in case of doubt or if we want to avoid a faux pas. But white can be boring, often judged too smooth or too simple, opt for gray as a substitute. Choose gray for a less cold and more personal living room. On a section of wall or for your furniture, this color with many shades will adapt to any interior. Gray instantly brings a soothing and cozy atmosphere. You can also have fun with the wide palette of shades of gray. From pearl to anthracite, you can use it all-over or sparingly without risking bad taste or missteps.

We advise you to combine light gray with Japanese or Scandinavian-inspired furniture for a touch of modernity and originality. Opt for dark grays for a chic art deco side, combined with gold the result will be incredible. Gray is a good link between black and white for lovers of this pair of colors. The addition of gray will bring a graphic touch to the whole. In addition, its use will bring softness to this duo that may seem strict.

The use of black in a gray decoration has the advantage of highlighting the gray, making it more present and flamboyant. Combining it with furniture with vintage accents will be the final touch of a mastered and sharp decoration.