Bronze fever

Bronze has always been considered a warm color inviting relaxation. An easy shade to mix and add to your interior like gold which can be too flashy. Perfect for large rooms lacking warmth and friendliness. In addition, this autumn shade goes well with whites and grays for a zen and chic atmosphere. The bronze color takes its name from a weathered metal alloy and belongs to the brown family.

We can't help but compare it to the color of autumn leaves, to the beaten path, to a raw material or even to your winter fur. Bronze is a welcoming and warm color that will put your guests at ease and make you happy to receive. Bet on the color bronze for large cold and empty spaces, in no time your interior will seem more cozy. Recommend its use for furniture or decorative accessories. If you still want to use it as a surface on the ground: not too much is needed!

When it comes to the walls, a bronze-coloured section of the wall can give your interior some pep or even be the final touch to a decorative idea if and only if the rest of your room is painted white. Another trendy point, combine bronze with beige, sand or foliage green for a trendy and sublime look. This will quickly give a natural and comforting atmosphere to your interior. The more daring among you will play the retro card by combining bronze with orange and white plastic furniture.