Teintes feuilles séchées

Cheerful and vibrant, the autumnal style in interior decoration is in season and very trendy this year. When we hear fall style, the colors orange and brown immediately come to mind. Certainly it is a daring choice, integrating orange into its decoration can be challenging but the result is unique due to its unusual use. Its colors blend perfectly with gray, white and black. The use of autumnal colors boosts your interior with elegance and of course fantasy.

Boost to your interior decoration, perfect in a living room. Reveal the beauty of grey, black and white as fall colors adapt easily. The same is true for decorating styles, whether classic or more industrial, it will be difficult for you to go wrong with the use of fall colors. Obviously we all keep in mind the pop and retro universe of the 60s and 70s for the use of orange and white. .

Beware all the same of the overdose of orange and brown. Use sparingly, in small touches, on a section of wall, on a few pieces of furniture only. Exaggerated use to blur information and make you fall into bad taste. It would be a shame to lose this invigorating, stimulating and friendly side through misuse. Avoid in the bedroom where it is essential to use soothing colors.