L'art de recevoir

The end-of-year celebrations are fast approaching and it's time to prepare for it. Receive your friends and friends in a good mood and especially with the right equipment. For a dinner, a drink with friends or a dance party you need to equip yourself to receive like the perfect gentleman or the perfect hostess that you are. The ashtray in the right place, the champagne bucket never too far. Coat racks and umbrella racks are a must for the less sunny countries. Choose your service carefully to serve your guests in the best possible way.

A few soft cushions, scented and decorative candles will immerse your guests in the atmosphere. The goal is to relax them as much as possible. A good set of decanters and glasses is necessary for the perfect host. For more formal meals don't skimp on the means, a quality caviar service will raise your dinner to a whole new level. All this around an interesting conversation or a frenzied dance in order to anchor in the memories your ease of receiving and impressing your guests.