Style décoration bord de mer | Meuble Luxe de qualité haut de gamme

The seaside style is not only reserved for vacation homes or second homes. If you want to enjoy the spirit of summer vacation all year round, this style will offer you nice moments of escape. The seaside style, with well-chosen tones and materials, is intended to be subtle and allows to mix both a contemporary style and a real authentic style.

This style of decoration fills with charm, consists mainly of neutral colors such as white, beige or even shades of light gray to provide a contemporary atmosphere and a reminder of the beaches. The seaside style is also characterized by the addition of light blue or navy hues which are implemented mainly by accessories with nautical shapes and which create a soft oceanic atmosphere.

As far as materials are concerned, furniture or accessories in rattan, wood, wicker and jute are favored and recall the sanded colors that finalize the marine spirit. These natural components will make it possible to break up a style that is sometimes too contemporary and monotonous brought by the white tones, and to bring the cachet, the warmth and the return to the authenticity so much sought after.

As you will have understood, to finalize the seaside style to perfection, white or light tones are to be preferred to bring great luminosity. The subtle alliance of bluish hues is also essential to evoke the spray and blue skies of the holidays, and is mainly inserted by accessorizing your interior by touch. Finally, natural materials are essential for the furniture, which will accentuate this authentic atmosphere and bring volume while varying the shades.

Discover our selection to create a seaside style decoration and to take to the open sea throughout your home with freshness, purity and elegance.