Folies enneigées à Courchevel

Make yourself comfortable in a good armchair, a plaid on your knees not far from a boiling tea, the fireplace completes this idyllic setting. Are the temperatures starting to drop? Prepare your chalet for your winter season on the slopes. What could be more wonderful than snuggling up by the fire, a woolen sweater over your shoulders while the snow is falling outside. An Orlinski stands proudly nearby, Courchevel obliges! The key is to make your chalet cosy, welcoming and typical.

Your interior will immediately be more luxurious and warm with the right items. Add cushions, a few plaids, designer wooden furniture. A fur placed on the sofa to complete the layout. The mountain chalet look has not aged a bit and is still a dream come true in winter. Have fun with materials and textures. In cold zone it is preferable to emphasize it. The moments of relaxation after the ski slopes are well deserved. The style of the most luxurious French ski resort is and will always make the whole planet dream. Create a cozy cocoon inspired by "winter in Courchevel" to face the cold winter that awaits us. Take out the furs, armed with wood, your interior decoration is just waiting for you to shine.